You’ll Never Guess Who Blake Shelton Calls Help Coach On The Voice!

blake shelton,gwen stefani,the voice,coach×233.jpg

Team Blake has recently fell into some new territory with genres that Blake hasn’t dove into that much. Who would Blake Shelton call in such a coaching trap, another coach of course, Gwen Stefani. During two of the duets practicing on The Voice taping, Gwen gives her input on their future performances as Blake sits back and let it all unravel. Or as Blake would call her a “rock n’ roll Goddess, Diva, Legend, Living Legend.” Blake states:

“I brought gwen in because anybody who understands what a battle round is, its somebody whos been a coach”

In addition to the coaching sessions, we also got a rundown of Blakes fashion wardrobe which doesn’t impress Adam Levine. He says Blake doesn’t ever not wear the same thing, in which Blake blames on his country roots for. We are sure this isn’t the last grudge Blake and Adam have and we are looking forward to more. Check out that video below, keep a lookout for Team Blake live on The Voice.