Watch Luke Bryan relive Farm Tour 2016 in his latest LBTV episode of the series. He takes us to the fields where the parties still probably haven’t ended. The Farm Tour took place all throughout the Midwest and South this year and it was as big as ever.

If you missed all the stops, see the list on which Farm communities took part this year here.

This video also features everything from event setup, to the trucks pulling in the fields ready for the night. With sponsors lined up, and beer ready to sell, it sure was a different atmosphere than the normal concert venue.

Bryan himself even states in an interview with Kix Brooks┬áthat even he himself is affected by the long sets outside. With all the dust kicking up from the attendee’s and being out in the woods, we would imagine so.

Luke has stayed busy with his normal show stops, including this special show featuring a young guest. It was also a busy year for Bryan with the release of ‘Kill the Lights’ earlier this year and then the Farm Tour EP.

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