Back in late 2015, Luke Bryan actually went to a fans house to make her dreams come true.

With the negativity around the country pouring into social media, it makes us appreciate gems like this.

He went to surprise, Lisa, who is the daughter that gave her mom a kidney to survive.

Luke heard of this story and also wanted to give them the best day that he could, and it didn’t take much.

After the emotional introduction, Bryan also had heard about them going to a show, and offers a bus ride.

When on the bus, Bryan introduced his employee, who is also a kidney recipient as they state:

‘Jacoby works in our office, and keeps my life straight. Jacoby is the recipient of a brand new kidney, it’s kinda neat that their right there together.’

Lisa goes onto explain how Luke has affected her and her family by stating:

“Your music has helped me and my sister and my mom get through the times that we’re just so dark.”

Luke replies with:

“However much you may think we’re making you guys feel good, I swear I haven’t had this much fun in a long time”

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