Vince Gill Announces New Album “Down to My Last Bad Habit”

vince gill,down to my last bad habit
By Angela George, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Vince Gill has just released his 20th album of his 32 year career. This album is called “Down to My Last Bad Habit” and features artists such as Little Big Town and Cam. You can find the album here.

Vince shows no signs of slowing down with his iconic career. His wife Amy Grant and him played at the Ryman Auditorium all through the winter, and this album release is a good indication that a summer tour is on its way.

Bill Cody of WSM interviewed Vince about this album on the radio show which you can watch in the video above. They talk from the power of the first song “Reasons for the Tears I Cry” to how Gills’ songwriting and singing has never been better.

Listen to the first song on the album below: