Trace Adkins “Jesus and Jones” Music Video Portrays Saturday Nights vs Sunday Mornings

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Trace Adkins recently released his music video for “Jesus and Jones” which tries to find middle ground on two personalities. Mobile users click here for video. A lot of people try to find their place as they want to follow their idols lifestyles. This would be Saturday night drinking versus the Sunday morning family man that men also want to be.

With lyrics such as:

I’m the last one standin’ every saturday night, all the rights feel wrong, all the wrongs feel right”

It is clear that the story behind this is colliding morals of what a person should have in life.

“but every sunday morning i see the light again”

Is referencing fighting these every week as we need to feel accepted with friends on the nights out and by family when morning comes. This song is about George Jones and how much his legacy influence Trace Adkins. Jones had a reputation of being an excessive drinker in his day, which is why he is compared to Sunday morning prayer to Jesus.

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