toby keith

Full Name: Toby Keith Covel

Born: July 8th, 1961

Hometown: Clinton, Oklahoma

Bio: Toby Keith is a Country Music Singer/Songwriter who debuted as an artist in the early 90’s. Keith started with his self-titled debut album in 1993 with Mercury Records. He released four full albums plus greatest hits before he moved away from Mercury Records in 1998. He then signed to DreamWorks Nashville in which his career took on another level with breakout single “How Do You Like Me Now!?”

His next three albums after the same titled album “How Do You Like Me Now!?” are certified multi-platinum as he held the top of the charts in 2000 and after. DreamsWorks then broke apart and Keith decided to start his own label “Show Dog Nashville” which evolved into “Show Dog-Universal Music.” He will go on to release nine more albums through Show Dog since it’s creation in 2005. The album list includes:




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