Throwback Blake Shelton: “Ask Me About My Hog”


Back in 2007, Blake was asked by his record label to answer some of his fans had and make a video about it. Being the Shelton we all know and love, he answers every question in the best way possible. Mobile user click here for video.

Blake was still sporting a cowboy hat, and we believe this was the beginnings of his social media stardom that we see today. Known for his rather out-there tweets, he was one apart of the country artists that knew direct communication online with fans was the way to go.

In the video above, he was asked to make up a catch phrase on the spot, and his answer:

“Ask me about my hog”

As every Oklahoma boy would answer, I suppose. He was later asked, what kind of pranks have you done to your band? In response:

“Go Months without working”

We came across this and couldn’t help but share some throwback Blake. Let us know what you think in the comments below!