Thomas Rhett: Star of the Show

Thomas Rhett has released an intricate new video for his song ‘Star of the Show’ featured on album ‘Tangled Up’. Rhett has been embracing his new style of up-beat songs with this album, as this video is no exception.

Taking on new levels of creativity, we really have to give props to the producer of this video. It is so unique in it’s own right that Rhett feels right at home with this song and video alike.

There’s a little bit of everything from starting with wife Lauren at a living room scene, to playing drums, going through taxi’s, and getting slimed at the end. Lauren makes an appearance and receives some pleasant rose before being slimmed along with Rhett.

If there is anything else to interpret from this song, it is the crazy life that a successful artist can see themselves in. The song speaks of a couple’s other half being the star wherever they go, but may mean more to others.

Be sure to catch the full music video above, and also find this song on iTunes here.

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