The Lacs: American Rebelution

The Lacs music has always been known for their backwoods party antics. They also have been pretty open about their Patiotic stance in politics, and this song is no exception. With the election behind us, this song is a good one ending, depending on which side you lean of course.

American pride has always been a part of Country Music, and The Lacs are taking part just as much. With the genre becoming more diverse, it is interesting seeing the different views the genre is putting out recently.

This song is the lead single from their upcoming album expected to come out in 2017. This will follow up the success of their last album ‘Country Boy’s Paradise‘ of early 2016. These yearly album runs are nothing new for The Lacs as they have been charting since 2012 on Billboards Top Country Albums.

There is a clear demand for their style of integrating Country with Rock and Rap influence, which reaches a younger audience. As they have sold around 1 million digital downloads of their music, there is no denying to from classic country ney-sayers that their isn’t something special there.

The Lacs tour in support of their album ‘Outlaw In Me’ will be coming to Nashville November 18th. Be sure to keep up with their latest stops and news here.