The Cadillac Three Release New Single “Graffiti”


the cadillac three release,graffiti

The Cadillac Three release their new single “Graffiti” on January 28th, 2016. This song is a testament of an outlaw group of growing teenagers. More specifically, running around town graffiti’ing anything from Halls to Freight Train bridges.

After their last single “White Lightning” and “Party Like You” before that, we were expecting a new release soon from the group. However we think this is a test in the waters with these singles for a possible full album release soon. We haven’t seen The Cadillac Three release an album since 2012.

This song is especially an experiment in the genre to see how people react to a different variation of what we know as a modern country song. With lyrics such as:

“We wrote long live the kings and queens of this city, small town famous, our names in graffiti.”

Check out the song from their official YouTube Channel above, and you can also find it here on iTunes.