Reba McEntire Releases Emotional Music Video For “Just Like Them Horses”

Reba McEntire,just like them horses
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Reba McEntire released a new music video for her new single “Just Like Them Horses.” This song is from her album released in 2015 called “Love Somebody.” In the midst of her recent divorce, there has been a lot of speculation of Reba’s thoughts and we feel that this was a nice gateway to that, even though this album was released before her divorce was.

However the lyrics in this song are clearly about her father and his passing. This is a broad, but important topic to her and her fans lives as it is a problem everybody faces at some point in their lives. The lyrics before the song even starts in this video are very important and go as follows:


“How do you say goodbye, how do you say goodbye to somebody who made you, raised you, taught you, disciplined you, loved you. how do you say goodbye.”

I personally love when an artist can take their own life experience and influence so many lives with that single song. This song is no exception as everybody has these events in their lives and their favorite artist singing about that brings a special kind of comfort. Check out Reba talking about why this song is her favorite on the album.