RaeLynn recently played the Grand Ole Opry, where she performed her current single ‘Love Triangle.”

Being a song about her experiences as she wrote it, you can sense the emotion in this performance showing that.

Before the band intro’s the song, she gives the background of it as she states:

“One thing I had to go through growin’ up was when i was three years old, my mom and my dad split up and got a divorce.

That was really hard on me growin’ up as a kid, because I was always that kid stuck in the middle, relaying information back and forth.”

As the band picks up the intro she goes further into the first writing of this song stating:

“When I was writing for my record, I was having a rough day with that.

“I walked into my writing session, and I wrote this next song, it’s called love triangle. Its about being that kid stuck in the middle”

RaeLynn is not alone in this situation as about half of America ends up divorcing their spouse on average.

This is a powerful song for the minority-turning-majority now days. A lot of people can understand this song and take it to heart.

The official audio for this song is out on iTunes here. Let us know what you think of this performance in the comments below!