New Single From Blake Shelton “Came Here To Forget” Just Released

blake,shelton, came here to forget

Blake Shelton just released a new single called “Came Here To Forget” which reflects a couple trying to forget their past as they are together. This is a slow tempo song based on what a lot of people experience after a breakout or divorce. Telling a story of when two people want to “Get through what were getting through” as the lyrics state.

Blake is known for his charisma and his recent releases of rednecks and neon lights, however this is a nice change of pace back to classic Shelton.

It is definitely a path down the Contemporary Country route as the music is dark and mellow unlike most Traditional Country. Blake has been a contender in the race of modern Country since the 90’s though ever since his first hits such as Austin. He has also mentioned that this song is a direct representation of his life among all of the tabloid drama with his divorce and lies spewing from every magazine. We are glad that Blake has put this hardship into a song for many others to relate as well as be influenced positively from it.