Nessa Bransan releases debut single ‘Chemical’.


Nessa is a singer/songwriter from Southern Florida, who moved to Nashville to kick-start her songwriting career. At 17, she was playing around Nashville and developing her songwriting catalog.

Bransan still feels her South Florida roots with her musical style, as she explains her influences below:

When asked about the meaning of this single, she states:

“Chemical is about physical attraction, and when your physically attracted to somebody, there’s a chemical released in your body.

it’s kind of about walking that line between love and lust. Are you really in love with this person, or is it just the high talking.”

Nessa also explains how most of her influences fell under the Pop and R&B genre’s, but it’s not limited to just that. From Nashville Country, to Miami Pop, Bransan really has it all when it comes to musical style.

Exploring what these genre’s have when put together is something that not a lot of people have taken on. It’s very interesting seeing these different styles align into a southern pop anthem like this single.

You can find this song on every major outlet including iTunes, and be sure to follow Nessa’s latest projects on her site.