Mo Pitney releases debut album ‘Behind This Guitar’, which fans have been anticipating for more than a little bit. Pitney is one of the most refreshing singer/songwriters in Country Music right now.┬áIf you follow him on social media, he has ‘Mo Music Monday’s’ which he shows great new song to fans.

This album really sums up who Mo is as an artist, which seems to be just as much of a fan than artist. Particularly with the song ‘I Met Merle Haggard Today,’ as an upbeat anthem of the singers role model.

Also known for his soft and soothing vocals paired with simple but meaningful phrases. Tracks such as ‘Take the Chance’ brings out these traits the most of the singer. If his great songwriting wasn’t enough, his personality also takes him to the next level. As he shares how thankful he is to his fans in the video below:

With his abundance of thanks to everybody from Curb Records, fans, and his family, he plays the lead track. You can find this new debut album on Apple Music by clicking here. Also be sure to let us know what you think of this album in the comments below!