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Miranda Lambert reveals track listing for ‘The Weight of these Wings’. This complete set will include two album featuring ‘The Nerve’ on disk one, and ‘The Heart’ on disk two. With 12 tracks each, Lambert fans will have a long list of music to enjoy upon release.

With being 2, going on 3 years, the anticipation behind this release is super exciting for Country Music fans. There is also of course, the response to Blake Shelton’s latest album ‘If I’m Honest‘. With Shelton including the song ‘She’s Got a Way With Words‘, there was some stingers that presumably was about Lambert.

Check out the track listing below via her Twitter account:

With the statement ‘Double Album, One Story,’ we can’t help but think this is going to be a deep full rendition piggybacking from ‘Vice‘. Being about a lost soul just on a free journey, there is plenty for Lambert to release about her life within the last couple of years.

Lambert also has a 2017 tour coming up with Old Dominion and Aubrie Sellers which you can read more about here. This album will presumably be released toward the end of that tour and leading into the next in 2017.

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