Miranda Lambert Highway Vagabond

Miranda Lambert is known for her fierce free spirited style of a music. With her highly anticipated upcoming album, Lambert fans have a lot of listening to do. It is reported that this new album will come in two parts, two different CD’s cross telling the ultimate story.

Taking on her somewhat new persona of a free spirited gypsy adventure, this album has a new direction so far. Between her huge single ‘Vice‘ and this release, there is no doubt she is also expanding her style. Vice also takes on a similar style of a soul on a wondering journey of finding it’s place.

With two separate parts of this album called ‘The Nerve’ and ‘The Heart’, I feel like we have plenty of this coming. A lot of fans are anxious to see if she will reflect on recent divorce with Blake Shelton. As his album ‘If I’m Honest’ seemed to include a few references about the situation also.

This huge album is set to release on November 18th, 2016. Lambert fans have been waiting a while for a full album, so having a two parter is one way to make up in a big way.

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