Martina McBride Shares Story Behind “Reckless”


Martina McBride recently revealed the story behind her single “Reckless,” in an interview with the Grand Ole Opry.

You can watch the official music video of this song by clicking here.

In reference to the time taken in between her albums she states:

“It’s my first album of country originals in 5 years.

Also, taking that time away form it for a little bit and just standing back getting some perspective really made me:

A) miss it and B) make me really excited to get back in the studio and make a new album.

McBride also goes on to answer about what every artist enjoys and that’s time as she states:

“I went in without a deadline, a hard and fast deadline.

So I felt like i had a lot of time to really wait for the right songs, and just have a lot of patience for the right songs to come in.

I feel so good about this collection of songs.

I think partly due to the fact that I had as much time and freedom needed to make a record.”

Martina McBride has a recent single called ‘Just Around The Corner” which you can read more about here.

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