Martina McBride Releases New Single “Reckless”


Martina McBride just released her new single for 2016 called “Reckless.”

McBride’s last full album release was back in 2014 with “Everlasting.”

Since then she had just released one single “Over the Rainbow” in 2015.

We just hope we don’t see a time-lapse of over 5 years without a full album.

Martina recently had an interview with where she talked about Nashvilles songwriting and songs being held for specific artists.

When asked about the ambition of “Reckless” this is what was said:

“it was one of those songs that stood out. In fact, McBride was so passionate about the song that she was determined to record it, even when Lady Antebellum had already put “Reckless” on hold. McBride reached out to Lady A’s Charles Kelley, who told her if she was so passionate about the song, that she should be the one to record it.”

Have a listen to the single from her official YouTube channel above.