Mama Shelton Lets Adam Levine Know Blake Shelton Needs To Start Having Babies


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Recently on The Voice, Adam Levine talks with Mama Shelton about Blake Shelton hurrying up and having babies.

This was during a day in the life of Blake, as Levine took a few unsuspecting fans around to Shelton’s favorite spots.

They went everywhere from a boot store to a local grocery store to tailgate.

About halfway through they get a call from Blake’s mother, who hilariously admits a few things about Blake and his career.

Adam starts by asking in reference of Blake “What went wrong?” She replied:

“Well i think i might of dropped him several times, but he’s still a sweet boy”

Then further carries on into how Blake hasn’t wrote any songs as Adam asks about her favorite.

The real kicker came at the end when he asks if she has anything to tell Blake on their way to meet him as she states:

“I need you to tell him to please hurry, and try to have some babies”

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