Maggie Rose Performs “Love Me More” At Grand Ole Opry

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Maggie Rose recently performed “Love Me More” at the Grand Ole Opry. This song is track number 3 on her 2016 EP called “The Variety Show, Volume 1

This R&B-esk ballad is about a girl who is trying to get living again, and her Opry performance brings out the emotion this song represents. With lyrics such as:

“I’m gonna do whatever it takes to get livin’ again, I gotta few scrapes but i’m back in my skin”

It is hard not to feel these lyrics as everybody has faced times like this, and that has been the foundation of success for Rose. Bringing direct and to the point lyrics to her emotional inducing melodies.

You can find this song on iTunes here. Let us know what you think of this performance in the comments below!