Watch Luke Bryan’s “I Do All My Dreamin’ There” lyric video, featuring highlights from people lives. This song takes on the endless possibilities of that one place where you find freedom.

It can be anywhere in any culture, we all have that location where we let all of our mind free. That is exactly what this song is about, from Bryan’s perspective, this includes the timber and lake’s. Being a hunter isn’t always about catching the big game, but getting away from the hectic world for a while.

Even in Bryan’s career, he faces the same thing with professional choices of tours and concert appearances. As he even states in an interview with Kix Brooks, the Farm Tour was harder on him than a normal venue concert. With dust kicking up and allergies out in rural area’s and over several states, we assume that can be a load on person.

Check out the video above to see highlights of people’s fun adventures that take them out of everyday life. From cliff diving, fishing, and camping, the song captures these freeing events. Also be sure to let us know what you think of this new lyric video in the comments below!