Luke Bryan talks about the super fans who show up to CMA Fest in Nashville in interview with the CMA.

Bryan references how crazy the town can get around the CMA Fest time of year stating:

“at cma fest, you always know as an artist that the most hard-core, die-hard fans are in Nashville”

With showing snippets of Luke’s performance of latest single “Move,” he reveals what inspires him stating:

“So when you try whatever songs that are your big hits, you watch the whole stadium come alive.

It’s so powerful and so inspiring, it’s what I live for as an artist.

That moment to walk out on stage and next thing you know i get to play in front this crowd here and watch them react.”

Playing stadiums all over the country is a huge milestone, but playing at home base in Nashville must be special.

Bryan has recently just announced his latest single which is “Move” from the “Kill The Lights” album.

You can read more about that here, and also about his different business ventures he’s doing here.

Let us know if you’ve made it out the CMA Fest, and what you think of this interview in the comments below!