Luke Bryan talks album styles and tour shows with Kix Brooks and the American Country Countdown. Both Luke and Kix have iconic careers, which makes an interview like this so interesting.

Bryan explains how audiences react with new things and taking the risk of having a new sound stating:

“You know i can try new sounds and try stuff that some people may not really appreciate. I still feel like i have to try new stuff. If you go in with the same guitar sounds for every album, it’s not gonna play out well for you.”

The freedom of being able to change styles of an album is a very appreciable thing for artists. For example, with Bryan’s Spring Break EP’s and now the Farm Tour EP is a little experimentation. This also leads into the Farm Tour discussion, as Bryan shares the stories of his tour critics stating:

“I’ve had critics at shows, they watch a 2 hour show and bring up four times that i was pitchy.”

“If i have to go up there and think about delivering the live vocal performance of the year, i’m not gonna be having fun up there.”

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