Luke Bryan has released his latest LBTV episode where he shares the story behind releasing HFE.

This song has been a monstrous success after it’s release this year, even if it was a little risking stating:

“To have the opportunity to release ‘hfe’, and put that out on the radio, it’s kinda stepping out there a little out of your comfort zone to put a song like that out on radio.”

Referring to the subject matters of Hunting and Fishing, he explains those are a little more risky to release.

Bryan also goes on to explains how important it is for him to give his kids the outdoor experience:

“it’s just a great way to be a dad, to have conversations with them.

their not on an ipad, not on a tv.

Their out there and we’re just bonding as guys”

This is very important as we have seen over and over with artists who don’t connect with their kids.

Luke and many other Country Artists have smashed that problem with giving normal experiences growing up.

Bryan also goes on to explain the cycle of Nashville:

“As i’ve gotten more success, i’ve been able to buy a farm to go hunt and fish more than i did.

You leave the country, live in nashville, and then you’re workin’ your butt off just so you can move back out to the country.”

Check out the official music video for HFE by clicking here.