Loretta Lynn On Meeting Willie Nelson For The First Time

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Loretta Lynn recently just released an interview on her YouTube channel that explains her first meeting with Willie Nelson for the first time, mobile users click here. Lynn has been a country music artist since her start in the 50’s and has ultimately been called the most awarded female country artist in history.

The list of her chart topping singles and albums would be too long to list, however she was known for her duets along with her breakthrough singles. Most renowned was her partnership with Conway Twitty in the 70’s. However Lynn states:

“when I first came to nashville i met willie, we did some shows together when i first come to nashville.”

She goes on to talk about the kind of man Willie was be saying:

“I thought he was the most handsome men I’d ever seen, he had on this suit and his hair was brass, I mean he was a handsome guy.”

Check out Loretta and Willie’s latest duet “Lay Me Down” below. Mobile users click here.