Lee Brice Wraps Up 50 State Tour

lee brice,50,state,tour
ID 59909074 © Kobby Dagan | Dreamstime.com

Lee Brice just released a video that wraps up his 50 state tour in 2015. Him and his tour manager reflect on what their decision to not only travel the whole country, but to hit every state along the way. He states that Hawaii and Alaska were a big challenge on how the shows could still happen on schedule. The last show he played was in Georgia, which compared to most others, is a good close to home ending for Brice. We hope to be seeing an album from Lee soon as his last album release was in 2014 from Curb Records.

This is a big accomplishment for an artist that has been a single artist for such a short time. This is compared to other Country Artists who have been in the industry for decades who still had not pulled off such a year. Starting in 2007 as a songwriter, he has came along way and we hope he keeps his determination to stick around for a lot longer.