Lee Brice Releases Official Video For “Panama City”

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Lee Brice has just released the official video for his song “Panama City.” This song was featured on his album “I Don’t Dance” in 2014.

The beginning of this video shows a majestic view of Nashville as you enter the city, and shortly after goes into the recording industry in Music City. Artists have many different ways they go about recording a record. Some like the ability to layer instruments and be able to do as many vocal takes as they want, and others like only a few chances to get it right.

This is what Brice is referring to layering as he states:

I’ve been to the studio many, many, many times, and i’ve always been excited, but it’s always been down the same path we’ve always been.”

He then goes on about how a live performance is truly something special in the studio:

“there’s this extra something from somewhere that gives you life, when you’re singing live.”

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