LeAnn Rimes Answers Fans Questions About Albums And Tour Ventures

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LeAnn Rimes recently did a video via AskAnythingChat on YouTube to answer some fan questions about anything from albums to tour ventures.

Cody Allen from CMT set the Q and A up and there were questions like who influenced her music, to wishfull tours.

Along with two adorable puppies, she started with “what is the best thing that’s ever happened to me?” She replies:

“Turning 30 and taking care of myself, there was something very powerful about taking care of myself and making that decision for myself.”

She goes on to answer what album she feels is her greatest accomplishment as she replies:

“[Spitfire] I feel like I truly found myself on this album, yet again as an artist, and this time in a different place of real humanity and honesty.”

Watch the full 18 minute interview in the video above!