Lauren Davidson releases anticipated 5 song EP ‘Hear Me’, following her praised single ‘Loaded Gun’. Davidson reaches out to a more Country inspired style with this EP, while also keeping her independent style.

Especially with the lead track ‘Hear Me’, as a relationship crumbles and the two halves need to break free. With almost a Carrie Underwood-esk breakup song, this definitely lends curiosity to see what else she has in store in the 5 tracks. Listen to ‘Hear Me’ below:

Lauren also features her previous single ‘Sometimes’ on this new EP, which you can watch in the video above. It is a simple, yet relatable song about life being roller coaster but not letting it slow you down.

Behind the EP

Lauren comes from a family and atmosphere of music, as her father had opened for Jerry Seinfeld and Paul Reiser. She also writes with him often, and 4 songs from this EP are actually co-written with him.

Cristian Camilo Castro also took part in the writing, as well as helped produce it, alongside the infamous Russ DeSalvo. On one song, Mario Guini also joined Castro in the producing process.

With such a talented team behind it, it is wonderful to see the ideas come together in an EP format. We hope to see a full blown album soon, to complete the great writing this EP has started.

Be sure to add ‘Hear Me’ to your Apple Music list here, or download in the iTunes store here. Also keep up to date with her tours and events on her website: Lauren Davidson