Lauren Alaina shares free spirited ‘Road Less Travelled’ music video, as featured on her recent self-titled EP. This song is a powerful rendition of not taking the path of the usual hate. Alaina has taken her following and left an impressive positive influence so far in her short career.

This video also takes us through a journey of a girl who receives every kind of feedback, and mostly negative. As a young version of Lauren sits and reads texts stating things about her weight and personality negatively.

Clearly, she is reaching out to young girls, which is a lot of her fan base and the presenting problem in our culture. Taking the road less travelled is also a really great message of personal integrity.

Check out her other music video’s including the hit song ‘History‘, also included included in her EP. This was released back in 2015, and has been making waves ever since. With this music video finally out, we hope to see new music coming shortly.

You can find this song on iTunes here, and also the whole EP at this link to iTunes here. Be sure to follow Alaina on her upcoming tours and news at her website.