Kip Moore releases ‘Underground’ single ‘My Kind’ to give his fans a teaser before the next big album release. Moore took to social media to let his fans know first hand that he wanted to give them more music.

Underground is his latest EP dedicated to just that, giving his fans the music they want to hear. Also, much like Luke Bryan’s Spring Break and Farm Tour, this gives Moore the chance to experiment.

It has not been fully released yet, but it is available for pre-order with an instant download of ‘My Kind’ above. Underground is set to drop on October 28th, 2016 and it will feature 5 tracks total.

Three of these tracks will be in live form from shows, and two, including this one, will be original recordings. The fast paced anthem of not being forgiving of his roots gives us a direction we can expect for the rest of the EP.

Kip has always has an outsider attitude in his music, and this is definitely piggybacking on that style. This leaves us to wonder if the other recording ‘All Time Low’ will be a slowed down ballad or not.

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