Kellie Pickler Explains Funny Story Behind The Viral ‘Family Feud’ Moment


Since Kellie Picklers beginnings on American Idol, she has been making fans laugh at her comical personality.

Obviously known for her fantastic singing, she has kept her career branching off into acting and tv shows.

With the CMT series ‘I Love Kellie Pickler’ being a good example. Fans know just how entertaining she can be, with a second season being picked up.

However, when the star appeared on Family Feud a while back, she had a hilarious mishap that went viral.

You can watch the original footage and Harvey’s reaction in the video above.

Pickler followed up on the mishap in an interview with Rare Country as she states:

“We have always been fans of the show. We were all backstage wondering which one of us would put our foot in our mouths first.

We just didn’t want to say anything stupid. It’s so┬ámuch easier playing at home.

I mean, I practiced hitting that buzzer through dress rehearsal, and could you believe that I still missed it during the actual taping?”

Maybe game shows aren’t the best option for Picklers fame, however, Team Kellie did end up winning the show against Lance Bass’s team.

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