Keith Urban has revealed the story behind his hit song ‘Wasted Time.’

In the studio with big Producer/’Swiss Army Knife’, Keith states:

“wasted time we only wrote about a month and a half ago, i’d never worked with greg wells or jay Abrahart before.

I knew of Greg but never worked with him before. he is an incredible producer, songwriter, everything, he plays everything.”

As Urban then goes on to refer to Greg as a Swiss Army Knife of the music world.

After asking about drinks and high school memories, which play into what the song is about, he states:

“the idea to look back on your life and go wow, who’d a thunk that we’d live in all that wasted time.”

When talking about who this song is really for, he refers to the lawn at amphitheaters stating:

‘When shaping the chorus, i kept saying everybody on the lawn has to be able to sing this.

cause the lawn is awesome at the amphitheatres, it’s its own party, and we’re just a glorified boombox.”

The creative direction an artist on Urban’s level is tremendous and it is always fun to see the directions they take.

Whether it is Jason Aldean going faster paced with his new album, to Keith songwriting for those lawn-goers.

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