Keith Urban has released a behind the scenes of his song “Blue Ain’t Your Color, featured on “Ripcord.”

This song is also one included in the list that Urban didn’t write himself stating:

“There’s a few songs on the record that I didn’t write. I got sent a lot of songs, I got sent this one song “Blue ain’t your color.

I loved the title first of all, then the song just hit me, lyrically, melodically, it was not liek anything i’d cut before.”

Urban also goes on about the style of this song which sets it apart form his other tracks stating:

“It’s basically a waltz, With this kind of almost doo Wop thing to it, and neither felt right for me.

But there was something in the song that i loved, and i wanted to get to that.”

To bring the song together, Urban had his producer create a drum loop to give it a contemporary sound.

While also being more Urban sounding, he turned a Waltz into a lovable free range melodic track.

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