Upcoming artist Kayla Woodson releases fiery music video for single ‘Fan for the Flame.’

This song has a strong Country-Rock attitude as Woodson states:

“Fan for the Flame” is a rockin’ energetic song about independence and strength. The idea is mess with me once, and I’ll come back bigger and stronger.”

It is also featured on her self-titled EP as the lead-off song.
When referring to how the song was created, she explains it all started with a songwriting session, stating:

“The song came about when I went to a writing session with my co-writer, Andrew Peebles.

I sang him a song I had already started writing, and one of the lines in that song said something about a burning bridge and fanning a flame, and he loved that line.”

They then ended up with the song 3 hours later, with the reference of fanning the flame as the new title.

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