Kacey Musgraves
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Full Name: Kacey Musgraves

Born: August 21, 1988

Hometown: Golden, Texas

Bio: Kacey Musgraves grew up in Golden, Texas where she began songwriting at a young age of 8 years old. A few years later, she started learning guitar from a mentor at age 12. Musgraves claims that was the best thing that had ever happened to her as it wold later help her get into the Country Music Industry at age 18.

In 2008, Kacey signed with an independent record label called Triple Pop in Austin, Texas. This is where she released two covers “Apologize” and “See You Again.” However her big endeavor into the music industry was going on tour with Lady Antebellum in 2012. She also signed with Mercury Records that year, along with releasing her debut single “Merry Go ‘Round.” Two full albums have been released so far in her early career:

  • Same Trailer, Different Park – 2013
  • Pageant Material – 2015

Kacey is known for having controversial lyrics compared to the normal commercial country scene. This is why she has gained in popularity with the younger generations of Country Music. Going against the grain on some political views with traditional country could be a good thing for the Country genre. In only three years, she has won four awards including:

  • 2013 CMA Awards – New Artist of the Year
  • 2014 Grammy Awards – Best Country Song – “Merry Go ‘Round”
  • 2014 Grammy Awards – Best Country Album – “Same Trailer Different Park”
  • 2014 ACM Awards – Album of the Year – “Same Trailer Different Park”
  • 2014 CMA Awards – Song of the Year – “Follow Your Arrow”