Josh Abbott Band releases ‘Amnesia’ inspired music video in Act 5 of their music video series. This is the Texas band’s current single from most recent album ‘Front Row Seat‘. If you haven’t followed this series, it follows a relationship from it’s very beginnings to desperate end.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Abbott explains the meaning of the video stating:

“I didn’t want the video to be predictable,

In other words, I didn’t want it to be about divorce or breaking up. I wanted those words to be felt dramatically, in a situation that was even more hopeless”

Abbott states that this is a bigger message to people than just about his recent divorce. As fans engage with him on a daily basis on how it relates to them and their different situations.

When it comes to ex’s, we all with we could forget about certain experiences, and that is exactly what this song’s message is about. Be sure to check out the entire series and follow the relationship path it takes. There is something to take away in every song, for almost any situation to be relatable to everybody.

Find the album on iTunes here, and also follow the band on their website to see what their up to here.