Jon Pardi: Head Over Boots

When receiving a phone call about a number one single, it is a huge moment for any artist no matter how big. Where you are when you receive that huge phone call is another story as well.

When learning about his number one achievement for Head Over Boots, Pardi was in Las Vegas for a radio show. We can’t think of many other places better suited for celebrating than Vegas, as Pardi tells Sounds Like Nashville:

“Sometimes, the music world puts you in the right place at the right time. Vegas! I was in Las Vegas when I found out we were at No. 1 and we were doing a radio show down there.

Cole Swindell and Brett Young were there and we all got to celebrate. The band came onstage and champagne was brought out and we had a great time in Vegas that night. That’s where I was.”

He also goes on to explain how it may have been a long night, but the party never started with the news stating:

“You know there’s always that little one percent ‘Is it gonna do it?’ But once we found out the charts closed, it was like 10 o’clock there. We were already partying, but it was a good time in Las Vegas”

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