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Jason Aldean shares thoughts on Sturgill Simpson ACM controversy over the new Merle Haggard Award.

Simpson recently took to Facebook to state some controversial statements about the award organizations.

With these comments, fans have engaged in siding with Simpson, but some fellow artists seem to counter.

When describing the current award shows, including the ACM and CMA, he states it is:

“formulaic cannon fodder bullshit”

As well as equivalent to a high school pageant, as well as suggesting they:

“start dedicating their programs to more actual Country Music”

However, he has gained a ton of support for this agenda from fans.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Country, Aldean states:

“The flip side of [his argument] is I feel like everybody in this town ā€“ every artist, every writer, every producer ā€“ we all are very much aware of the contribution [Haggard] had to this business.

if memory serves me correctly, Merle got recognized a ton over his career. The ACMs in particular, if Iā€™m not mistaken, he’s one of the Triple Crown artists.”

In light of this, it is true that Merle was recognized many times via the ACM’s, however, Simpson stands his ground.

In another recent Facebook post, Simpson reassures that Merle left Nashville in spite of Music Rows execs, and felt left out since the later parts of his career.

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