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Jason Aldean releases new song ‘Reason To Love LA’ from upcoming album ‘They Don’t Know.’

This song is about a country boy finding love that goes back to the big city of Los Angeles.

A girl giving plenty of reasons to follow her back to wherever her home is, even if not the country.

This song also mentions a great piece of what normally happens in a small town community stating:

“I never had a reason to get away, i never had a reason to see this place, she gave me a reason to love L.A.”

This is a big thing small town kids grow up with as it is hard to leave such a tight knit community.

With a different perspective from say a career, this time it’s an irresistibleĀ loved one you can’t let get away.

This album is set to drop on September 9th, 2016, and you can pre-order on iTunes only here.

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