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Jason Aldean announces new album ‘They Don’t Know’ won’t be streamed on any services upon release.

This also includes Spotify and Apple Music, even though you can buy it directly from the iTunes store now.

In a statement to Billboard, Aldean states:

A new album is just like anything else. When the new iPhone comes out, when you go to the Apple store, they’re not just handing them out for free.”

“If you want something that’s brand new, you’re willing to pay the price for it. And then, after it’s been out for a while, you may get it at a discount. That’s just business 101.”

He also makes the point that newer artists need to make sure they will have a sustainable career, and for a long time.

This is an effort to push for that as streaming services have been controversial with payouts over the last years.

He also explains that the streamline of money will also help everybody who has helped him make a career stating:

“It’s about the writers, publishers, producers, everybody is getting the short end of the stick on this deal,”

“I have a lot of friends in this town who make their living writing.”

As a result, the new album will only be available via his website, or direct buy outlets like the iTunes store.