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Jake Owen on passing up recording Blake Shelton’s “She’s Got A Way With Words” proves no hard feelings.

In 2015, both artists Jake Owen and Blake Shelton had rough patches of divorce.

As most of us know, situations like this also are a breeding ground for new Country songs.

It also turns out that Blake’s current hit “She’s Got A Way With Words” was pitched to Owen first.

Jake’s fun, no serious feelings, album “American Love” was released today July 29th, 2016.

Owen felt like he should avoid such a direct messaged song like this as he states:

“If I record this song and i’m taken literally, I don’t want my ex to perceive i did that to her.”

Many also think that this song is directed at Miranda Lambert, however, you can’t be so fast with that assumption.

This song was actually written by Wyatt Earp, Andry Albert, and Marc Beeson.

Though we are sure this song was chosen by Blake related to the divorce, it also represents many more relationships.

Check out the official music video set in a bar scene that Shelton put out for this song here.

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