Granger Smith Just Released Lyric Video For Hit “If The Boot Fits”

granger smith,if the boot fits,lyric,video

Granger Smith has just released a lyric video for one of his hits “If The Boot Fits.” This song is featured on his latest album “Remington.” In true Country fashion, this video background goes form a shot of a girl with cowboy boots getting in a pickup, straight to the daddy waiting with his shotgun, and hard cut back to the bar scenes.

This is debuting as his latest single as well, and it certainly should with the amount of radio play it is getting. I think it is fair to that that this album is setting comfortably with country music fans, as it has enough contemporary feel to get the younger generation listening. It is also not too pop influenced to steer the older crowd away as well.

You can find this song on iTunes here. Let us know what you think of this song in the comments below!