Gary Allan surprises hardcore fan at 300th concert in Kansas.

Allen is no slouch when it comes to caring for his fans, as he planned for a surprise meeting.

According to Taste Of Country, Renee has been seeing him since his humble beginnings as they state:

Renee is from Pinson, Tenn., just outside of Jackson. She first met Allan 19 years ago, when the then-aspiring star was opening for David Lee Murphy and Mark Chesnutt on his first-ever tour.

One of the rewards Allan decided to give Renee for being such a committed fan was an original handcrafted ring.

As Gary is also a jeweler, how cool is that for showing your gratitude.

He ends the meeting stating:

“I can probably only name the things on one hand that I’ve done 300 times,”

“I love that she’s such a great concert-goer … It’s totally flattering.”

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