Garth Brooks Shares Songwriting Tips Inside Studio G


Garth Brooks has a new show called Inside Studio G where this week he shares his songwriting tips.

However, he doesn’t just stop their, he goes on with everything from tours to making the album.

This takes place in his basement of the Brooks home where he live streams to his fans for Q&A.

Gear up for almost a half an hour of some of the best advice you can get from an artist below:

He mentions how only one note of a chord can change the entire mood of a song stating:

“when we talked about this last week, going from a major to a minor, that makes all the difference in songwriting.

When switching over from a major to a minor he explains:

“Now all the sudden we’re in real life”

Referring to how happy a major chords sounds. He also goes on to state his cowriter and talking about the recent tragedies.

This is just a small snippet of all that’s in this video, there is some very great advice for musicians.

He also mentions the writing for a new album coming next year, so we will keep you posted on those updates.

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