Garth Brooks Announces Launch Of Sirius XM Channel At Ryman Auditorium


Garth Brooks has announced his new Sirius XM channel, and listeners are getting a nice treat.

On September 8th, 2016 Brooks will take the stage at the Ryman Auditorium for the first time.

This is for select listeners of Sirius XM as an invite only, however, will be broadcasted on his new channel.

Brooks has obviously played many venues since he started as an artist, but has never seen the Ryman until now.

With his huge audience, it really makes sense as the Ryman’s capacity just passes 2,300 people.

This is a little different than the 50,000+ Garth is used to playing stadiums, but it makes an intimate environment.

This will be “The Garth Channel” and also channel number 55 for you Sirius XM users.

It will feature many things from Garth’s music and his influencers music, to behind-the-scenes talk shows.

Garth made some comments about this project in a recent interview stating:

“It’s rare to be handed an opportunity that can grow as big as you can dream. That is exactly what SiriusXM has just done,” Brooks says of his new station. “I speak for myself and the entire team when I say we are very grateful for this opportunity and very excited about its potential.”

 Let us know if you will be listening, come September, in the comments below!




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