Florida Man Charged For Impersonating Jason Aldean

florida man,impersonating,jason aldean

Jason Aldean has a huge fan base, so it is only a matter of odds before someone takes advantage.

An arrest was made after a mentally handicap fan was defrauded by this Florida man. Reported by WFLA in Florida originally, “Daniel Farris” has been posting on Facebook as Aldean, and as a friend of his.

Fans that encountered Farris was asked to shell over $2000, but ended up being $230 in this instance.

Farris also told the woman that “Aldean” loved her, and convinced the victim to have sex with him. Turns out this scam was used to fuel a pain pill addiction that Farris has.

While the real Aldean is on his Six String Circus Tour, it is a shame that their are people like this out in the world. Check out his latest single below, mobile users click here.