Eric Church’s Original “Sinners Like Me” Music Video Released


Eric Church‘s debut album “Sinners Like Me” came out 10 years ago.

It is also said that Church not only thought a year in advance, but a decade as well.

Check out the original music video for the album-titled song below:

It is also mentioned on the post the songs that catapulted him into the success he is today stating:

“This video has been sitting in our vault for 10 years, waiting for this very moment. Eric’s first album Sinners Like Me came out 10 years ago today. With classic songs like These Boots, Two Pink Lines, Pledge Allegiance to the Hag, and Sinners Like Me, this album defined Eric as we know him-one decade later.”

In an interview with CMT, Church’s director of fan engagement, Nick Barnes states:

“Eric has always thought ahead. Not just a year ahead or two years ahead, but a decade ahead,” he said. “So he and John shot this when ‘Sinners’ came out, all around Eric’s hometown of Granite Falls in North Carolina. You can see the restaurants, the churches, the intersections.”

He finishes stating that the fans end up being most important, as there are fans in that video who are still fans today.

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