Watch Eric Church light up Red Rocks with ‘Holdin’ My Own‘ on the Red Rocks Amphitheater stage. Red Rocks is located in Morrison, Colorado, where the concerts take on a different atmosphere.

It is also known for it’s free feeling environment being a stone structure, instead of a cookie cutter man made structure. There really is no better place for an outlaw Country singer like Church to play for a massive crowd.

In the video above, you can also see the crowd get into the groove of this mellow, but meaningful tune. This is also track number 8 from his most recent studio album ‘Mr. Misunderstood’. Eric has written on all of the songs on this album, which is rather unheard of for his status.

Another fact to note, is not only did he write on all the songs, for this one, he is the only writer. Two songs we’re written solo by Church, aside from this one, ‘Mixed Drinks about Feelings’ as well.

It doesn’t get much more admirable from an artist standpoint with Church and how much effort he puts in. His career started by the grind of playing every night at shows where it was hit and miss on people showing up. It is certainly obvious he has kept that attitude as his music continually takes on the norm.

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